Quantum Engineer

  • Boulder-Area, United States

Quantum Engineer

Job description

We are looking for quantum engineers to work on all aspects of neutral atom quantum computing. As a quantum engineer at Atom Computing, you will join a team of talented scientists and engineers who are working to translate fundamental atomic physics to a scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computer. We are interested in candidates from a diverse set of backgrounds, but are specifically interested in candidates with experience in the following fields: Trapping and manipulation of cold atoms. Coherent control of quantum systems (for example: neutral atoms, trapped ions, NV- centers, nuclear magnetic resonance, superconducting qubits). Quantum characterization, verification, and validation (QCVV) techniques.


  • PhD in physics, chemistry, engineering, or related field.
  • Temperamentally suited to work at a fast-growing, early stage startup: self-motivated, humble, driven, collaborative, and has a high tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with a diverse team of experimental physicists, hardware, and software engineers.
  • Definite pluses: Familiarity with Python and Git software version control